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Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Loss

According to the BCG study, 1.6 billion tons of food worth about $1.2 trillion is lost or wasted each year .

Skip Cream & Sugar: Go Black & Bare

The fancy coffee addictions have taken over. More and more people drink their coffee and tea with stuff added to it.

Food And Recipes Publication It’s A Big Family

Food And Recipes is the beginning of a family here at Medium, where you can write and share your recipes.

Mixed Toast with Cheese and Bacon Recipe

These toasts are quite simple, just have the bread you prefer at home, add cheese and bacon and take to the toast.

Top Tier Green Bean Casserole

When western folks consider holiday dishes, green bean casserole comes to mind.

Balanced Diet on a Student Budget

Between juggling lectures, study, work, life, 24 hours does feel like not enough time.